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Wholesale Traffic Services

Below you will find the traffic campaign rates for the Internet's best U.K. Targeted Traffic.  With Targeted Traffic Packages, you receive the following:

 •  100% Unique UK Traffic .    That is, no visitor who sees your site is counted twice during any traffic campaign, regardless of how many times he or she sees your ad.   How many other traffic providers can make that claim?
 •  Real time campaign stats.
 •  Delivered as popunders.

Change the pop URL at any time during the campaign.  Just contact us!

 •  100% U.K. visitors.
 •  No popups, popunders, or exit pages allowed.
 •  Please see our Terms of Service for further information.

The following are the targeted categories from which you can choose:

Credit Cards
Debt Consolidation
Free Stuff
Software & Computers

Please note that you will be asked the category in the confirmation order form.

For PayPal payments, please click on the appropriate PayPal payment button. You will be taken to a secure server where you can make your purchase.  Afterwards, you will be automatically redirected to our Order Confirmation Form where you will be asked to provide the necessary information to get your campaign started.

If you are not properly directed, you can access the Order Confirmation Form by Clicking Here.

  If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at here

The above traffic is guaranteed to be 100% campaign unique, 100% U.K. visitors, and delivered within 30 days.

By placing an order, you indicate that you have read and accept our Terms of Service

Need a Different Amount or Larger Order? No Problem!     Please  Contact Us

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Campaign Unique Targeted Traffic Packages - U.K.

10,000 Targeted Visitors $52 Get Started!
25,000 Targeted Visitors $118 Save 10%!
50,000 Targeted Visitors $210 Save 20%!
100,000 Targeted Visitors $393 Save 25%!
250,000 Targeted Visitors $918 Save 30%!
500,000 Targeted Visitors $1,575 Save  40%
1,000,000 Targeted Visitors (Best Buy!) $2,625 Save  50%
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